Let’s Work Together

  • Gaining an understanding of your project together we can make your idea become reality.
  • We have years of experience and are in this profession and are passionate about what we do.
  • Good quality products and fair prices for every budget.
  • We pride ourselves on a fair price for a fair job

large projects

At the start of the project, the price given will cover just the exact specs you send our way with a clear run at project without delays.

Our pricing is actually calculated to be the lowest we can possibly charge while still maintaining the level of service and quality that we do and maintaining a viable business.

Because of that, if new functionality comes in that we didn’t estimate for, we do have to charge for it. The only way we could do it for free is if:

  1. We bloated our prices a lot and raised them to leave room for extra stuff
  2. We didn’t put as much time, care, or effort into quality as we do

We’d really rather not do #1 so we can give you our best price. And #2 clearly isn’t an option 

I hope you now understand our position and we look forward to your custom.